Allow guest chat when input is suspended

Mike Bannerman 9 years ago updated by Jeremy Barnes 5 years ago 8

Partner would like the ability for a guest to use the Chat function while guest input is suspended.

User Story:

Partner will work on a guest machine and may need to chat with the guest while the guest input is suspended. Partner would not like to return full control to the guest, but would like them to be able to type in the Chat area.

guest_client chat suspend_input
Pending Review
Pending Review
Considering for Future Release

What does the "Closed" status mean?

It means that we are not actively considering the request for our roadmap due to it being technically difficult and having very few +1's in the two years it's been an active request. We're always open to reconsidering requests, but we need more feedback from the community on this one. 

This would be very beneficial; As increased security issues that revolve around MSPs and their toolsets, having granular security control to be able to limit an attack vector for unprivileged users that don't need the ability to remote into client machines that do need to be able to communicate to client requests would be appreciated. This should be something that is looked into since ConnectWise wants to become a leader in MSP Security (TSP-ISAO)