install software remotely

PJ Moka 8 years ago updated by Maurice Torres 5 years ago 10

have the ability to install software remotely, maybe by using powershell, terminal or command.

The .MSI installer can be made to run unattended an silent. e.g.

msiexec.exe /i ScreenConnect.ClientSetup.msi /quiet /qn

And you can even open the MSI up using ORCA and customize to your heart's content.

All software management product (Group policy software installation, SCCM, PDQ Deploy, etc.) can install ScreenConnect silently and remotely. Heck I just deployed it to my entire client base using remote commands in Nagios.

I strongly DISAGREE with ScreenConnect fumbling around trying to add "deployment" capabilities to their software. You see this in countless "enterprise" antivirus products that try to add features to "scan" the network and find your PCs to remotely install their agent via some sort of control panel that they provide. It's almost always error-prone and convoluted, it bloats the software and muddies the water because now you're using more than one tool to deploy software in your organization. That's awful.

ScreenConnect is a remote assistance / remote control product. It's lean and clean. Their responsibility should be to ensure that their software can be installed silently and unattended with all the various options configurable, and then it is up to you to use whatever software management product you like to deploy the software into your organization.

you can use the built in SCAPP files in the tools to remotely install programs.

I used Bomgar for many years, it was a nice feature to be able to push out the client to a local computer but not sure if that would work hear since that was a feature of the installed client on management client rather than a webportal. What i currently do is use psexec.


is there a way to run this on all domain computers? GPO would work, but requires reboot. I'd like to have it install immediately. possible?

to install SC on all domain computers you can use the Client Networker Extension.

This extension has a major limitation in that you can only deploy to machines in the ARP table or on the local subnet. I could find no way to input an ip address of a machine accessible from our main hub office via VPN connections.

if the machines are on the same VPN network you can add that VPN IP range to your network card and then you should be able to see them.

any ideas as to why it might be stuck on "attempting client deployment" or "checking client status"


Also pay attention to Action1 which helps to install software remotely on multiple computers at the same time.