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Show the correct Windows edition in Access

tmontney 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 0

I opened a case with support and they recommended that I file this as a feature. Although I disagreed with that classification, the decision stands for now.

The ConnectWise Access client incorrectly reports Windows 10/Windows 11 editions. While this functionality may have worked in the past, it does not account for what I call "transient editions". If Windows user has a Microsoft E3 or E5 license assigned, a computer will seamlessly upgrade from Professional to Enterprise. From reports online, the reverse is also true (perhaps disconnected from the Internet for prolonged periods or removal of license).

The agent is likely pulling WMI class OperatingSystem's property "Caption" (or PowerShell's Get-ComputerInfo cmdlet). This appears to be the edition at install time. OsOperatingSystemSKU reports the (correct) functional Windows edition (again, if the user has a license which performs a seamless upgrade).