Considering for Future Release

Ability to Take Different Types of Screenshots

MrMattiPants 1 year ago updated by swhite (Product Manager) 1 year ago 2

Please add the ability to Choose Alternative Types of Screenshots, to the CWC Toolbar, based on the following Selections

  • Region
  • Window
  • Fullscreen (Single Display)
  • Fullscreen (Multiple Display)
  • Scrolling Window
  • Panoramic
  • Etc.

The existing Screenshot Feature is a great addition, but it ultimately tends to create more work. Since we only have One Option Available, at the present time (FullScreen), one tends to have to hunt the Image file down, then Open it into my Screenshot Editor of Choice (i.e. Snag It) or whatever is Available at the time (i.e. Microsoft Paint).

From there, you have to Crop the Image to the Borders of the Window or Object, which is rather tedious and imperfect (especially when you're taking dozens of Screenshots for Documentation purposes).

That being said, it would greatly simplify the Documentation Process if the ability to make the requested Screenshot Selections above, were available from within the CWC Toolbar.

While on the topic of Screenshots, another great feature to add, would be to Select an Application, that Screenshots can be Automatically Opened into (Similar to the TechSmith Snag-it Capture Utility, which Automatically Opens newly taken Screenshots into the Snag-It Editor Application).

    I suppose, if only one or two of these options can be accomplished, I would request that the ability to take Screenshots based on Windowed Selections first, and then Regional Selections a very close second.

    Considering for Future Release