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Download Instead of Run Tools

CompuIntegration 1 year ago 0

7 years ago you all DECLINED this here https://control.product.connectwise.com/communities/1/topics/408-ability-to-download-and-not-run-tools

Why was this declined?  Pls re-eval.

The default should have always been a download anyway and not auto-run for security reasons.  But you already have a RUN and RUN AS ADMIN from the toolbox, so you are just missing a DOWNLOAD option.

Ironically, you all already accidentally programmed it as they download anyway to the TEMP folder in the CW folder in the Docs folder....all you need to do is make a link in the toolbox next to the others that says DOWNLOAD and simply don't run the line or lines of code that actually run it!

Again, this is already programmed.

Pls just add it.  There are a dozen reasons for wanting to download instead if forced run them, so we don't need to has "why" as we're wasting time.

Also, a workaround of cancelling and then grabbing the temp file and copying it out of temp is not a "solution" so don't suggest that.  Plus, if an installer already ran, depending on how the installer is programmed, it could have already auto ran some code that was not desired by the time you cancel.