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Urgent Request for Modification in Screen Connect EXE Handling to Enhance Client Trust and Ease of Use

Jaco Lange 12 months ago 0

I hope this message finds you well.

Recently, we've encountered an issue that's affecting the ease of our operations and our clients' trust in our services. The problem relates to the way antivirus software, notably Norton, Kaspersky, and Eset, handles Screen Connect's executable file (EXE). 

These antivirus solutions often flag the EXE as potentially harmful, causing concern among our clients and impeding the smooth operation of our remote support services.

This issue has become particularly pressing in the wake of recent supply chain attacks, which have made users more aware and cautious about potential security threats. When our remote support software is flagged as suspicious, it understandably raises concerns and trust issues among our clients.

The current process, wherein a dynamically created EXE is downloaded and scrutinized by antivirus software, often results in a delay that can cause significant inconvenience and frustration for both our technicians and end-users. Sometimes, this delay forces us to resort to alternatives like Anydesk and TeamViewer, which we initially aimed to avoid.

As a potential solution to this issue, we suggest implementing a method similar to what Anydesk and TeamViewer utilize. A single, standardized EXE for remote access could be created that would prompt the user to enter a code upon execution. 

This could drastically reduce the instances of the software being flagged as potentially harmful, improving the user experience and maintaining the trust of our clients.

We urge you to consider this recommendation as soon as possible, as the current situation is affecting our client relationships and the efficiency of our operations. We believe this change would be beneficial not only for us but for all users of Screen Connect.

We're looking forward to your positive response and would be more than happy to discuss this further if needed.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,