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Connect from any Linux host

Josh Stump 10 months ago updated by fiver22 10 months ago 3

Testing 23.5 series... It breaks ability for me to connect from Solus Linux cause new way wants to run a .sh file that in turn tries to install via .Deb or .rpm packages... Which Solus doesn't use.  Previously it downloaded a .jnlp file which I launched just fine.  Perhaps using .appimage or flatpak can produce better universal results?

A simple solution would be restore the option for it to download the .jnlp file like before...

Hi there!
We have added a Linux application bundle (included in an .sh file) in ScreenConnect version 23.5. However, we didn't remove the ability to use the .jnlp. there should still be a fallback join mode 'WebStartDirect' that should allow joining a session with the .jnlp (it would require a 3rd Party Plugin called IcedTea to run though)

If you are still having issues after checking this, please contact our support team for assistance.

Contact Support (site.com)

happening to me too as of an hour ago. only offering the .sh which fails at ./ScreenConnect.ClientSetup.sh: line 280: InstallPackageFile: command not found

280: "$(determinePackageType $sessionType $processType)InstallPackageFile" "$packageFilePath";