Individual clipboard sharing during a shared remote session

jcc 7 months ago 0

We would like to have the possibility to have several hosts connected to the same guest using a remote session to be able to share their clipboards on a one-to-one basis with the guest.

This is kind of the opposite of the current clipboard sharing as described in the "Clipboard sharing during a remote session" article (https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_ScreenConnect_Documentation/Get_started/Host_client/Essentials_menu/Clipboard_sharing_during_a_remote_session).

This new feature would enable a user connected to a remote computer to share his computer clipboard with the remote computer clipboard, without sharing it with other users connected to that same remote computer.

We currently have several users remotely connecting to a specific computer and needing to copy/paste data to/from that remote computer during the day, and these copy/paste actions are interfering with the work of the other users connected to that same computer.

It would be perfect if a given user could copy/paste data from his computer to/from the remote computer, without affecting the contents of the clipboard of the other users's computers also connected to this same remote computer.

I understand that there is only one clipboard on the remote computer and that only one user should be using it at a given time. So an arbitration mechanism may be needed so that only one user can do copy/paste at a given point in time.