option to turn off auto focus on embedded themes

Vince Russo 8 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 3

We have the embedded theme added to the footer of our freshdesk portal. If there is an active session and the enter code text box is present when someone loads our portal page, the page directly focuses on the footer. SInce we typically always have someone running a session this mean anytime our page loads, the window immediately focuses on the footer.

Hey Vince, could you tell me if you're an on-premise or cloud partner?


I mentioned to issue to one of your support techs Steve Dove, he recommended I edit guest.aspx and replace the following:

if (wasMadeVisible)
SC.ui.findDescendentByTag(container, 'INPUT').focus();


if (wasMadeVisible && window.location.search.indexOf("Theme=Embedded") < 0)
SC.ui.findDescendentByTag(container, 'INPUT').focus();

I haven't had a free moment to try it yet but I suspect that it will work. It would be nice if this was a toggle-able option though, maybe something found in the appearances tab.