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The ability to customize columns within Devices > Computers

Brandon F 7 months ago updated by Chase J 7 months ago 1

Currently there is no option to change anything about the columns including their individual widths, which ones are displayed, and what order are they are displayed in. The user column is so narrow you can't read the names, and half of the columns displayed are either blank or don't show any relevant information, while other columns like "IP address" are hiding on a different page. One way to implement this might be to create a new column after BDR that's an individual user's column that they can customize it how they see fit. At least create a feature to let us expand the width of columns. 

Image 1209

Difference between this and Kaseya's column features, which are highly customizable and give you 30+ options to choose from.

Image 1211

This is what my "BDR" column looks like. 

Image 1212

+1, I miss my column sets. They were highly customizable. I had one set for computer specifications and another for networking information.


Image 1222


Image 1223

Expanding the width of columns is vital to reading all the information on the page. I agree, please add these basic features.