Extend "Join Session" countdown timer

Jon 8 years ago updated by Bo Wang 3 years ago 16 2 duplicates

Need a way to extend the countdown timer past 5 seconds when joining a session so it does not automatically switch to a different method if it took 6 or 7 seconds to successfully join the first time. When it switches it not only tries to open another way but sets it that way in the future for next time. After that we need to set it back to the preferred method to connect and occasionally have this battle again if it didn't join instantly.

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I would love for it to wait 10 or 15 seconds. I don't want it to download anything ever.



Thanks for putting this 'Under Review', however, I have noticed this is the third time this has gone to 'Under Review' and saw the last status was 'Started'. I was hopeful this was going to make it into the product at some point and am wondering what the status is as the tags are a bit confusing or perhaps even misleading.


There definitely needs to be means of better handling this situation - either the ability to adjust the countdown durationl, or if that's not feasible provide the ability to pause it with a keystroke combination.

+1 for this idea, please! With COVID most of my staff are working from home, with a full-tunnel VPN to the office (for IP restriction settings) and our connectwise server is in a hosted environment with a site-to-site VPN from the office. Between the 2 VPNs, we fairly frequently get timed out and the software downloads. Just a couple extra seconds would make a huge difference!


I have had enough of this and while still waiting for the official way of resolving this, if you are self-hosted you can "fix" it by amending SC.Launch.js in scripts folder.

Just add however many more seconds you want, as per the screenshot below (value is in milliseconds)

Honestly, this should be customizable in the admin dashboard.