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Mac OSx Client enhancements

Christopher Davis 6 months ago updated by Alex Hutton 6 months ago 1

It would be nice to have a few quick features

1) Having the send clipboard keystrokes next to the ctrl + alt + del button on the session taksbar.

2) Pass "cmd + key" as "ctrl + key" other remote software already has an option to allow this.

adding to this, keyboard shortcuts in general would be very helpful.

MacOS has support for systemwide 'App Shortcuts" - found in system preferences. These work by inputting the exact name of a menu item and assigning a shortcut. For example, here I have set command-v to be the shortcut for "Send Clipboard Keystrokes":

Image 1226

You can then see the shortcut appears within the connectwise client menu:

Image 1227

However, when you press it nothing happens (unless you already have the 'essentials' menu open, then it works fine).

I did find this:


If the devs could have a look at that and figure out what is preventing these systemwide menubar shortcuts from working, it would be an easy(er) way to add customisability in the form of shortcuts for every available menu option.