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Send Clipboard Keystrokes including shortcut combinations to client

AdamMBM 5 months ago 0

Basically I'd like to be able to have something like:


in my host clipboard and sending it to the client should perform:

"Foo" {CTRL+A} <Foo is highlighted> {CTRL+C} <Foo is in client clipboard> {Alt+Tab} <Swaps to next window> {CTRL+V} <Pastes Foo to the screen> "Bar" 

This would make repetitive data entry and form filling tasks so much easier. Would be better than being limited to only sending one keystroke at a time.

Basically you'd be recreating a basic version of something like AutoHotKey (it wouldn't need to have the full functionality and complexity of AHK just the ability to send multiple keys at the same time.

There may be a benefit to allowing something like
so it holds down ALT and presses TAB 2x between typing FOO and BAR

You may want to include a delay before the next key is pressed to allow the command time to complete - something like

so it Types FOO presses ALT+TAB keeps holding ALT key down and waits 200 ms then presses the second TAB and waits another 200 ms before letting go of ALT waiting a further 400 ms then continues to type BAR

Otherwise maybe reach out to AutoHotKey and see if they are willing to create an extension so AHK scripts could be executed from the host natively without AHK having to be installed on the client as occasionally AHK is disabled by some of our clients Anti-Virus software. However, AHK may be a little too complex for some users.

Also quick question, are all comms sent between client and host encrypted by strong encryption or are they transmitted in plain text.
Including both things run from extensions and built in functions like:
command toolbox (Run Command and Run Tool), Send Credentials to screen, clipboard sync, Send clipboard keystrokes, send/recieve files dialog boxes, update client info and dragging and dropping files etc.