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asava 5 months ago updated by swhite (Product Manager) 4 weeks ago 4

Hello, in my server there is a folder named session (C:\ScreenConnect\App_Data\Session) in which there are more than 20000 files, and the total space occupied is more than 200GB. Is it possible to delete the older ones? Moreover, the DB of the application is almost 2 GB, and in the last days I'm facing a strange problem: all the clients get disconnected at the same time and I have to reboot the server. Is this problem due to the DB size, or the excessive number of files in the Session folder, or anything else?

This is most likely due to huge db size and crappy SQLite 3 engine.Session.db and Security.db are the main files in use. There's also .db-wal and .db-shm for those 2 that need to be saved. You can attempt using MSSQL Express 2019 to reach better performance.

We have the same problem and just moved to MSSQL so will see if it helps with the webapp freezes.

What version of ScreenConnect are you running? The Session folder was deprecated years ago, so you are safe to move those to an archive or delete them.
Session.db at 2GB should not be an issue, but i would make sure that you have maintenance plans enabled to keep it trimmed down:
Database page - ConnectWise

Hello, thank you for your answer. I have the latest version, and I started deleting all the sessions files few weeks ago without issues. Thank you

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