Request to update invited connection to session join page. Example Get Host pass invite, support session invite, meeting session invite

Branden R 8 years ago updated by swhite (Product Manager) 12 months ago 3

I would like to see when you, give someone the link to access a session directly that under Join you see which computer/session you are remotely connecting to.

This would make it very nice for several reasons.

1. It makes it easier to understand if the user has been sent multiple session invites.

2. Now that we have the ability to send out "Get Host Pass" invites, you may send out 2 or more invites to a vendor or support company to access multiple support or access sessions.

2a. 2 good examples of this is you have an application that has 2 DB servers and 1 App Server or you have 2 exchange servers and 2 Domain controllers that you need to give remote access to.

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