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Add the ability to set session variables in the MSI command line install.

Manders 2 months ago updated 2 months ago 2

It would be helpful to be able to set session variables from the command line MSIEXE. We have over 100 buckets for different companies and would like to set up a policy in our RMM software to install Control to the correct sites. As it is now we would have to build 100+ individual installers and add them to their sites in our RMM. It would be 100+ policies and 100+ installers. This could be one installer with the ability to install on multiple company sessions. 

Can you have your RMM download the MSI on the fly? We do it that way and then populate the variable as we do the download as part of the download URL. We figured out the format by generating multiple URLs via the client creator add-on and then replacing the variables.

That is an avenue I did not think to try. Are you using a wget command for the download? We could easily use a site variable to make this work.