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Pre logon message for Access sessions

JoshuaB 1 month ago 0

A custom message that is visible only to the Host. This message would be seen either A.) after the Host double-clicks the session but before they see the Guest's screen or B.) immediately after they see the Guest's screen. This would be similar to the Interactive Logon Session GPO in Active Directory. https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/windows/it-pro/windows-10/security/threat-protection/security-policy-settings/interactive-logon-message-text-for-users-attempting-to-log-on

The primary use case we were thinking of was for connecting to law enforcement computers. CJIS wants a notification to be seen by any technician that connects to a law enforcement computer that states things like "You are accessing a restricted system" and "Unauthorized use of the system is prohibited and may be subject to criminal penalties". You could also use this for medical clients to inform/remind the tech of HIPAA guidelines, or for any industry that has specific guidelines that need to be followed. You could even use it to alert the tech of an ongoing project or some special circumstance the client has (oh man, what if you could tie it to something like the Home page banner in an IT Glue org!).

This would have to be something you could apply on a per-session group basis, a global setting wouldn't work.