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Preinstall client for adhoc remote access sessions

Felix Roces 8 years ago updated by Rowdy 8 years ago 1


Please allow the screenconnect client to be preinstalled on computers so the user does not have to re-download and re-install it each time they ask for remote support. Most of our users are non-technical and we waste a lot of time with the user explaining how to find the screenconnect client that was downloaded.

If the client can be pre-installed as part of our imaging process, that will really help us a lot.

Lots of remote access and conferencing software already allow preinstall of the client such as GotoMeeting, Webex etc. and screenconnect should not be seen as technologically backwards with respect to those remote access software.



Yes, we'd like this option as well.

The way it should (could) work:

We create a SupportMe.exe and place in (for example) on the users' desktop. When they click it, the program connects to our server and retrieves a list of available sessions and/or prompts for the session ID. Basically the same as the 'guest'-page, with the difference that the program is already installed and a download is not neccessary. There ARE in fact many people having problems downloading.

This is a bit different then the Guest Starter Exe add-on, where users can create their own sessions.