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Drive available space trigger or session filter (Other properties or WMIC get commands)

computern 8 years ago updated by ManuelGonzalez IT 4 years ago 5

Ability to use other properties (or parameters from wmic) in triggers or session filters. (Mainly triggers.)

For example: Ability to be notified by a trigger that a client's server hard drive available space is low on drive C: or D:, etc. (below 10GB, or <100000, etc.)

This is similar to the memory property GuestSystemMemoryAvailableMegabytes, but instead for hard drive available space, and could be used to be proactive to possibly prevent drive failure. Other wmic parameters could also be useful.

We can use WMIC in commands. But would like this or something similar to be available for triggers and session filters.

Anything would be acceptable even if it was only available in triggers.

Thank you for your consideration.

Pending Review

If RAM is available, you'd think HD space would be as well. I love this idea.

Considering for Future Release

4 years and this is still under consideration? This is a great idea. Please implement it.