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Extension Feedback Mechanism

FAB-ITRescue 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 5

There needs to be a mechanism to notify the author of a published extension, when there is an issue - or even for offering praise, ideas, support & encouragement.

The review system isn't necessarily getting the message to the author - esp. when something breaks for whatever reason.

Hello FAB-ITRescue, are you aware of our Extension Spotlight forum located here: http://forum.screenconnect.com/yaf_topics11_Extension-Spotlight.aspx

Well that's a start, but it doesn't require Authors or Publishers to participate. For example the ESET extension isn't listed yet doesn't seem to work reliably - which is not only a shame but so unlike ESET. My guess is that that particular extension got broken in a subsequent upgrade of SC. Not your fault and not theirs, but it's still a problem that requires attention.

I understand, as of right now we are reaching out to ESET to let them know of the issue. Although, we do not require all extension developers to participant in our Extension Spotlight Forum as of now, we are working on getting as many of them to participate.

Thank you for your feedback.

Can Add to this:

Can you publish a Pinned Thread on the Extension Spotlight forum with a table detailing Extensions (and version) vs SC version compatibility? The table could include a column for annotation by the Extension Author to indicate that they are working on any revision.

Any luck persuading ESET to join in again?