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uninstall/reinstall too close in menu

Gary Manning 8 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 5

in version 6 esp the reinstall/uninstall options are too close. maybe a blank line? I know it asks for confirmation but even so. if you have a remote server kill the install its a big problem.

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Please please just move uninstall to the very bottom. It is quite scary to have it next to the reinstall.

Considering for Future Release

Hi All, 

Recently, a change was made that altered the design of the uninstall modal. The uninstall modal was combined with the end modal. It may be safe to say that users are less likely to go through with uninstalling the agent then they were before. 

Both the reinstall and uninstall dialog looked practically the same. The update should prompt users to pause before taking their next action.

Are you still noticing users mistakenly uninstalling agents still?