Add toolbox access for techs on the guest client

Mike Bannerman 9 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 3

Partners would like the ability to run toolbox items on machines with their guest client installed when they are on location with their customer.

Often times we are working with our clients and are physically at their machine that we have Screenconnect installed on. It would be nice if there was a way to get to the toolbox from the icon that is put in the task tray to download/run programs that we have in the toolbox. It would be nice if there was a configuration choice to ask for a username and password so the client could not normally get to the toolbox.

We have a lot of nice programs in our toolbox that help us troubleshoot and diagnose a machine and it would be great if a a client said, "Oh by the way. While you are here could you fix this?" we could just go to their machine and pull up the toolbox and get to the program that we needed.

Current behavior: Have to be logged into the host page or connected to the guest client.

1. Ability to right click the sys tray icon on the guest client, authenticate, and run toolbox items from the guest machine.

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