Considering for Future Release

Store custom information published in custom fields, to a new table so that when SC is uninstalled, or reinstalled, it gets retained when it is back online. Perhaps tie it to a unique GUID or similar.

networkn 8 years ago updated by Dimitri Rodis 7 years ago 4

Usage example

There are times when the "user" is a generic name, and we use the custom field to note which user or which specific location in a building that machine is. The problem is that after the software gets uninstalled, so does the information related to the note. We need this to persist. Perhaps a new table which contains all the "custom" information, tied to the GUID of the software or some other unique ID.

Pending Review

I would second this request. The ScreenConnect database should be able to pull the custom fields back into client, if a system has to be rebuilt...for instance. Machine X, add back previous data when SC client is reinstalled. We have classroom consoles that have "organization", Dept, and a room number. These have to be manually entered, each time we reimage the consoles (which we do every semester). Certainly can edit these fields, if machine use changes. But, I'd love for the old values to come back once online, unless I need to modify.

Might make easier, building a default client to distribute in an image too. Thanks for considering it!

Considering for Future Release