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Backup/Restore tool

Xander Warrender 8 years ago updated by russman 4 years ago 3 1 duplicate

It would be nice to have a separate tool to backup all of our settings and everything. Even an officially-made batch file might suffice but it should be able to stop the Hosts services, backup all the databases and everything, save them to a location of our choosing, and restart services. I backup my Quickbooks file and most other things to do with my business on occasion -- it would be a nice to know that, if my installation corrupts somehow (or my main system crashes), that I can restore all my SC personalizations quickly and easily.

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I know an integrated method would be better, but as a temporary work around the program Cobian Backup can transfer the files to another location and has the ability to stop/start services before/after a backup is run.

Considering for Future Release

This would be very nice.  I'm having an issue right now I can't seem to login to the linux box to do an upgrade "need a button for that too". So I was going to backup and export under administration so I can import on the new box but I can't do that ether.  This experience seems more open source than paid software.