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Display logo on the 'Consent to Control' message

DaMtechMatt 8 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 6

It would be great of we could display our logo on the 'Consent to control' message.

The amount of customers that ask 'Is this you?' when it pops up.


Under Review

Hello All,

You can display your logo on the Consent to Control message presented to your guests by adding your logos to the ApplicationIcon16/ApplicationIcon32 client resources found on the Administration Appearance page. Make sure to reinstall your endpoints so your changes are pushed out.

Im afraid thats not really what I meant.

We use a seperate logo for our screenconnect installs. I was meaning to have our company logo on the message, not a larger verison of the taskbar icon.

Hi Matt,

So, you pretty much want to display a different logo from the one displayed in the task tray?

Yes thats correct.

My clients recognise my company logo, and not really the tiny icon i've chosen for our screenconnect installs.

Considering for Future Release


This request would require a change in mapping and break consistency. We are not likely to do this, but the topic will remain open for feedback.