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Sub-Administrator account role that can perform Admin functions

Dean 8 years ago updated by Sylvain Francoeur 3 years ago 5 1 duplicate

Example Roles:

Administrator - Us
Technicians - Us
2nd Department Administrators - Others
2nd Department End Users - Others

The 2nd Department by role definition is only able to see and access their Session Group. We do have some Administrators on their side who are able to see all of their machines and can perform all ScreenConnect actions with the agents in their Session Groups.

We'd love an Administrator-level role for this 2nd department that would allow one of their admins to create/delete users and settings for their departments' associated roles. Thank you!

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+1 #7701872 - would like to grant access to another user to view logs, but not the rest of the admin tab

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In addition to restricting administrative privileges to different groups, I'd like to see the administrator privileges broken up into more specific privileges.

For example, I'd like to be able to allow someone to see what user accounts exist, without enabling them to make accounts or change permissions.  I'd like for someone to be able to create an account and add them to an existing role without allowing them to create roles or change the role permissions.


Yes, i really need that feature too.

Would be best to have something like windows rights for groups / sessions, so i could create admin groups and restrict some sessions from other admin groups. Admin rights at the moment is too powerful. 

Or, having a right to add/remove user outside of the admin right would be good too.