Full screen fullscreen support for the Mac client

David Norelid 8 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 7

The Mac client doesn't currently support real full screen. You can maximize the window, but you still have the two menu bars on top and the dock on the bottom, eating screen real estate and forcing your window to be pillarboxed.

Can you please get real full screen support like we have on the PC? When I connect in with the Mac I want to use my remote PC like I'm in front of it, not through a window.

I've badly wanted this for years. This feature has been a standard part of Mac OS development since Mac OS 10.7 (2011) and is a pretty straight-forward feature to add (link to follow). ScreenConnect is (and has been for a long time) the only application on my Mac that doesn't support true full-screen abilities (and the incredible benefits to those using laptops and virtual desktops).

As someone who is constantly uses the ScreenConnect client on his MacBook Air for remote support, having this feature added would make my day, week, and month.

Apple's instructions for building the full-screen experience into Mac apps:



Hi Chris,

You'll see the full screen feature for Mac Clients running on OSX versions 10.7 and above in 6.1.

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