Updates to extension Guest Session Starter .exe

Ahmed Deghiedy 8 years ago updated by Philippe Millette 6 years ago 5 1 duplicate

Is it possible to update the extension Guest Session Starter .exe with the following:
1. Sound notification for the technician/engineer when the customer starts a connection using the guest sessions starter exe
2.The ability to have many fields so they can put their name, email

address and company name maybe. (Also if it possible to make it saved in

the exe file so when they launch it again they don't have to write down

everything again)
3. Prevent the customer from clicking on start the

sessions many times so they should be allowed one click to connect as

when they keep clicking they connect many times which is confusing for

them and for the technicians.
4. When they connect the exe window to put the name should disappear.

5. A client for Mac as well as windows.

Also what is the time frame for the next update as it is important extension and it is not been updated for long time.


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Also, I would like to add a way to SIGN with a certificate the generated EXE file so it can be TRUSTED.

Like when you use TeamViewer, their EXE file are always signed and you don't have a windows popup saying that it's not a potential risk to run it ...it's not "pretty" for the client eyes

Or is there a way to have the source of this EXE so we can sign it with our own certificate?

Thank you!

The feature of allowing multiple fields for guest information is crucial to us. We are currently using GoToAssist Corporate which already has this as a feature, but have been looking in to switching over to Control if this can be implemented.

Thank you all for the submission. We just released a successor to the guest session starter.exe called: "SOS Deployer", which we would appreciate feedback on. It's currently live in the marketplace.

You can find the documentation here: https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/Supported_extensions/Productivity/SOS_Deployer

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Are you planning on adding a way to sign the executable so it's trusted (better image when you do remote support)?


Are you planning of adding a command line interface so we can call it from our application directly with command line options so we can bypass the certificate?

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