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report manager reports emailed on a schedule task

Vince Russo 8 years ago updated by ts2340 2 months ago 4

I noticed report manager has a new feature to directly send the report in a email attachment. It would be cool if you could schedule that on a reoccuring task.

I would also like this. 
Or an API key/code. so we can call the report from the URL. - For example


Hey, We need reports on a monthly basis.

Same here. Automatic reporting is an integral part of IT. Not sure how CW keeps failing like this.

Really need this implemented asap.

CW Automate "Remote Access Summary" reports do not show any SC Access sessions that were triggered from within the ScreenConnect platform. So that's useless for reporting to clients.

Really, once more, disappointed at ConnectWise.

Yea I would love to be able to pull report data automatically somehow.. End goal is to get it into Power BI.. Right now I have to manually run the report to CSV and save to a certain directory.. Would be great if there was a PBI integration..