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SC: Menu shortcut key, faster than mouse. A MUST HAVE!

Peter OTools 8 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 6 2 duplicates

Dear team,

As the 'SC maintenance guy' I use the web-console often, not only to work with it, also to maintain it.

I find out that it would be a great idea/help to have Menu shortcut keys and it would be faster than mouse.

When we right-click menu (any menu even without right click actually), It would be great idea [b]to have any one letter of each option, underlined or Uppercase to denote its use[/b], that letter in your keyboard would do the same effect than choose that option with the mouse.

Also, after EDIT a Session, you are (till now) forced to click the SAVE Session button, you can't hit ENTER, it won't work.

So you are typing with your 2 hands normally I suppose (yep, I'm a 10 fingers typewriter)...and then look for the mouse, ...and move it to the right position and click. With a key you can do many of this things without blinking or move your hands/eyes from position.

When you do it once in a while, or use SC not too often (you wouldn't be here surely), that might be ok.

But when you have any number of pcs, even +50 pcs, I'm telling you: it would be a plus+plus. (we got +1000).

Other type of shortcut key combination would do it too, like, IDK, Crtl + (any letter) do this, and etc, if you got my idea.

Thanks for any comment, I hope this help for the greater SC-awesomeness. [laug
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This will be hugely valuable, I do most of my work across a system using a keyboard and diverting to mouse is incredible time consuming. Even a button to pop the menu so i can navigate using a key or arrows would be a good first step.

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Hello, In addition, I would like to make this suggestion. Is it possible to add a shortcut key option for disabling the mouse while in the active window area? Sometimes it is handy to be able to navigate a client to an area on the screen to show them what to click, but you want them to click it and then continue. But if my mouse is active area and I move it, it snaps the cursor away from the client. It would be great if I could just hit a shortcut key and it would Suspend Input.

This request would be a huge time-saver for me. I am using the Mac version of ConnectWise Control and lament the lack of hotkeys in this app.

I would especially like to see a set of hotkeys to switch monitors quickly because so many of my end users have dual or triple monitors. View > Select Monitors > All is impossible due to the scaling down of two monitors to my one monitor--everything is too small and illegible. So I find myself using the mouse to click on View > Select Monitors many times each minute because pop-ups and windows often open up on the other monitor, etc.

I'd also like to see hotkeys for resizing the window WITHOUT going into full-screen because I often need access to other windows in the same desktop for cutting and pasting and researching error messages. Something like MPlayerX's Cmd-1 for 1:1, Cmd-2 for 2:1 (double size), and Cmd-0 for 1:2 (half size) would dramatically improve my productivity. With MPlayerX, to "Fill the Screen" (maximize the window without going into full screen--in other words, make the window as large as possible without covering the Dock or Menu Bar), I simply hit Cmd-2 (double size) and it fills the screen because double-size is actually larger than my current monitor can handle.

Or at least a browser-like Cmd + to scale the window up a bit with a Cmd - to scale it down. As it is, the session always starts with the view far too small whether they have one monitor or more, and then I need to quickly scale it up so that it is legible without going into full screen mode so that I can access my web browser for research.

Thanks in advance!

Upvoted. Just having a key command for "Send to Screen" in the Misc, Credentials menu would save me wrist strain and time every day!

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