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Chat History

Mitch 8 years ago updated by Cody Arnold 8 years ago 1

When connected to a computer, the chat will only last until that computer restarts, then the chat log goes blank.

It would be nice to see the chat log history extended.

I could see where this could be useful.

Reboot PC, If host is still connected have chat pull all content from when host originally connected for that session and display in the chat screen still until host disconnects, then clear it out.

Example. If host connected at 12:03PM, and you reboot at 12:08PM session would see that there is a connection as soon as it came back up, autopopulate chat screen based on knowing the session wasn't disconnected from the host side since 12:03 so all chat since 12:03 would get autopopulated back into the chat field until host disconnects then it would clear out.