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License Usage Reporting

Michael Francis 8 years ago updated by LeonB 2 years ago 9 1 duplicate

I would like to see a way to report on our license usage to see how well we are utilizing our licenses and if we need to purchase more. Currently I don't see any way to report this metric and it would be very useful.

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Basically I want logging for HostConnectedCount > 0 to get historical data of highest usage


I would also like to see this feature.  Specifically, I'd like to see if anyone has ever run into "waiting for free license" and the ability to be alerted when the maximum number of licenses are in use.


I also would like to get alerting when "Waiting for free license" happens, so that I know to buy more licenses.


I would also like Licensing reports.  Historical usage, average, max etc.

I would like to see this as well. It would be nice to see who the logged in users are from the license management screen.

I notice that this request says it's under review. At what point was it put under review?

Any news on this feature ? 

Still an important issue, still needed.

I can't believe it's been two years since I commented last and that this was requested SIX years ago! Come on Connectwise!

Can this get to the top of the list? It is very annoying that we can't figure out who is soaking up licenses. I understand WHY the licenses are being used up, but I can't easily find WHO is using them. Support doesn't have an answer and recommends running a report, which doesn't tell me WHO is using them. We have 10 seats, but since Covid, our techs may be working at multiple locations. (Home, Office, Client) Our issue would be resolved by allowing each seat to host from at least 2 separate IP addresses.