Access Installer

Patrick Hyde 8 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 4

Add ability for the access installer to pop up asking for custom properties upon installing on client.

Sorry, I don't feel this is necessary. We sometimes send prebuilt installers to clients to install themselves and the simplicity of it is great, adding a popup at the end asking questions an end user would not understand would just lead to confusion and more work. We already have the ability to set custom properties at the time the installers is built. We also can bulk edit custom properties across agents in the portal.

To me this would be a huge plus! I have 70+ locations with 70+ custom access installers to manage which continues to grow as we add new locations, so having 1 master access installer would be great as it prompts for the location specific info at install. My team builds all the PCs prior to sending to the end user, so I"m not concerned with the confusion. If there is a way to automate this process I'm interested in what others are doing!

Hi Patrick,

What Ryan is suggesting is using custom fields which you then can make visible for each session type. You may then bulk edit all session custom fields through the host page at one time.

Would that help you any?