Ability to split multiple monitors into seperate windows

jhardwick 8 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 3

I'd like to have the ability to split multiple guest monitors into separate resizable windows on the host side like what LMI did. The ability to then remember that preference per machine would be helpful or at least make it a host-side user preference.

I waste a lot of time switching between remote monitors in order to get things to a readable size even on 24in LCDs.


We added this feature in version 5.3, but it is not set by machine/preference.

You can open monitors in individual windows by using the Host Client view menu:

Sean, I forgot I found that before. I quess what I was thinking about was that I needed to do it monitor by monitor. I'll do a different feature request to make that an optional default as 98% of our clients have 2+ monitors.

Oh! I never even tried to right-click anything that comes down from the toolbar. Thanks.

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