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Under General would be nice if shows Last Logged On User:

Erick Anderson 8 years ago updated by zyrk 6 years ago 5 1 duplicate

Under General would be nice if shows Last Logged On User:

Not just the current but when they log off you can tell who was the last person log in.. would be nice if shows that.

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is not the tech last login info that I know I can get from the time line.. is the actual user of the computer .. if they are currently login to the pc (NOT the ScreenConnect Tech) I can search base on the login name and it shows up.. but when they log off the machine the Logged On User: goes blank and would be nice if keeps it or another field called

Last Logged On User:

same issue here, i populate the desciption field so being able to use that would work aslo

Totally agree. This will be an excellent feature to have.

This might look like an insignificant feature, but it is actually a very, very helpful feature. The problem is that when the user logs off there is no way to find out what computer that user was using last. I have worked around this issue by using the username as the computer name but this is not a solution. I have also tried using the computer serial number as the computer name or even a custom tag with a number. The problem is that end users are dumm and I have to spend 5 minutes or more giving them instructions on where to find the computer name. I have used this feature before on another software and it works great for this case scenario.

Thank you!