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When chat window opens, it is on top of all others and must be acknowledged (clicked) before it goes behind.

Xander Warrender 8 years ago updated by Scott H. 7 months ago 35 3 duplicates

Currently, when the chat window opens, it opens behind whatever the active window is and, with my clients at least, is often ignored until they finally close what they were doing.

I would like it if, when the chat window opened, it opened on top just like a regular new window does - and most require that they are clicked before they can be pushed behind others. This would force the client to acknowledge the window is there. This way, if they choose to ignore me, they go to the back of the queue and I can move on to another client.

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Hello Xander,

Could you tell me which client(s) you're seeing this issue with (Windows, Linux, Mac)?

If hosting off Windows you can enable one of the following under the App.Config settings:


This will not force the guest to acknowledge the chat window before it can go away, but they'll definitely see it.


All of my clients are on Windows. i don't want to use an "alwaysontop" options because that will cause them to close the window, not just acknowledge it so that when they click on a different window it falls behind it.

Every time I send new chat message, the window opens behind anything they have open.

Indeed this is annoying behavior and should be fixed.

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Considering for Future Release

Has this been added to app config yet? 

I am having the same issues with all of my remotely accessed clients.

I send a message to them through control wise without being in their system and they don't see the blinking chat icon on the bottom and keep working on the tasks they have. Then when I remote in an hour later I see that they never clicked on my chat request to begin with so they did not know that I wanted to have access to their computer.

Only reason we ask before entering their computer is because we do not want to disturb the client if they're working on something important; however, if they don't see the chat screen or respond to us then we get stuck on waiting.

If we can have the feature added where the chat window shows up in the top right corner (in front of all other windows without task bar icon interaction) as the Host sends message to their client this would be really helpful.

What would the actual entry in app.config look like?  It looks like ours is just the basic default one.


Considering for Future Release

Same request here.  In fact I believe I requested this years ago and it went nowhere.  We need the chat to be in focus as many uses will be oblivious to a flashing tray icon.somehow.

Hopefully we can get enough support to get it pushed through this time around! I knew I wouldn't be the only one since a lot of MSPs have clients who primarily use RDP for daily work tasks.

there may be a command we can type in the command field to bring it to the front if need be also but I've not looked into it.  If the customer doesn't respond I move on or contact their superior to have them tell their employee to click on that obnoxious flashing rectangle in the tray.


When I send my first chat to user they often ignore the flashing window in the taskbar, only when I click on the chat window for them do they take notice.  Need to be able to force the chat window to appear.

HI All, 

Recently tested this functionality in both the .NET and Java host clients. What versions are we talking about? As of at least 19.3, default behavior brings the chat to the front whenever a message is sent, without setting the app.config to always on top. We tested internally and have experienced that behavior. 


I'm running the latest stable version and, from the web dashboard, just sent a message to my own PC -- the chat window appeared behind the browser, not in front, blinking on the taskbar.  I really don't want to use "always on top" because that will just train my clients to X out the window without reading it.  I just want it to appear in front of all windows until acknowledged, just like most new windows do.

Hello, any updates on this is being added to the next build or future update.  Running version 
19.4.25759.7247.  On initial chat, window is opening behind all open windows, and flashing on taskbar.  This would be super helpful, most of our customers are not noticing the flashing icon, or don't bother clicking on it.  Thanks.

This really seems like more of a bug than a feature request. But whatever the case, I'm asking for it to be fixed/feature added too. 

+1 for having an option to make the guest chat window go to top every time it receives a message

+1 . I'm a hosted automate client so I can't update any config files. All Windows agents. The chat box needs to pop up in front of everything else. It does no good opening up behind everything and only flashing on the task bar. Because as others have said, the users don't see it, so we're stuck waiting for them. I have to take over their mouse in hostility. i've tried to block mouse input but that causes users to freak out and hard reboot. 


6 years later and still waiting....

I gave up waiting few months back and wrote my own program which is added to the Shared Toolbox and then I can Run the Tools which then forces the chat window to appear on the users screen.  PM me if you want the apps: cg_at_smyservices.com

Carl, I'd like to get a copy of that. I can't seem to figure out how to PM you.

The ShowChatWindow app can be found here

View the Readme1st.pdf on how to use it.

Tested and confirmed working. Thanks Carl Green!

Hi Carl, this is great and thank you for this app (I'm really not sure why ConnectWise will not improve/integrate this feature). However (with the greatest respect), in order for us to use this on any clients systems we would need to compile this from source, so we can be 100% sure there is nothing malicious embedded within). I did a search on Github and Google but I cannot find any signs of your code? 

Hi AUK, I to have never understood why CW cannot implement this to.  Probably take them all of about 5 minutes to fix this issue.  

I will see what I can do about sharing the code on Github as I have other applications I have written there to, if your interested you can find them here

Hi Carl, You an me both (no doubt most SC users!). Thanks for your prompt reply and link, I'll take a look and keep an eye out for updates ;)

Hi AUK, I have uploaded source code to Github.  Project is here 

Hi Carl, I'm sure I speak on behalf of MANY others when I say, thanks for taking the time to do this - much appreciated. Hopefully, ConnectWise are too busy add a lot of great new other features (maybe this one included) and certainly the latest notes suggest, perhaps, exactly this "This release is laying the groundwork for exciting new features coming soon!"

Sarcasm over with, hopefully they're listening - Have a good weekend.


Hi Carl, 

Would you like to publish this on the extension marketplace for other partners to use? I understand that this hasn't been added to the core product as requested, but thought it might be useful as an extension. 


Hi Caitlin

Ideally I would like a button added to the host page that calls my tool but how to do that I have no idea.

Guidance needed on how I go about publishing the extension to the marketplace.

Any built in functionality for this yet?

Is this still functional in newer versions?

It no longer works for me, even in the same version it previously worked in. I haven't taken the time to troubleshoot the cause, but I think it may be a recent windows update.