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Disable Wake command for unattended session

roberto cazzato 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 4

Wake command for the unattended session should be under permission configuration, not allowed to all hosts

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You may disable the AcquireWakeLock command through the App.config settings. Be sure to follow the directions under 'Testing and viewing your changes'.

AcquireWakeLock is not to avoid screensaver ? I mean Wake command to send wake on lan.

AcquireWakeLock - Prevent a remote machine from auto-locking, going to sleep, playing a screensaver, or hibernating.

The Wake (WOL) command on the host page cannot be removed/disabled for hosts at this time. Thanks for clarifying your post.

In effect this is a Feature request, so one can control what host can Wake On Lan remote systems. As now any hosts can do that.