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David Tandberg-Johansen 8 years ago updated by swhite (Product Manager) 1 year ago 6

In our line of business, we cooperating with our client's IT department or external consultants to setup the unattended sessions. We are usually generating a customer specific session package each time, where we fill in customer info into the session properties (Customername/CustomerNO/Etc). After generating the session, we send the installer package by email to the external consulting and they are installing it. This is very time consuming and manual.

Sometimes the installer package are stopped/deleted in virus filter, and are not delivered to the consultant.

I want a solution that we can generate the session and get a friendly/easy URL to the instaler to share, so the external consultant can download and install the session. It will sve us lot of time, and will approve the solution.

It may be necessary to add some restrictions on these URLs, and I propose either ability to specify a time restriction or set a security code on the session URL

Have you checked out the extensions that you can add to allow people to download an unattended installer from your ScreenConnect portal? You can password-protect the download option. You could provide a link to your portal and the password via email

Hi David,

We are currently looking into adding an option to send a URL to a guest to download the access client. This may be available as soon as 6.1, barring development delays. In the meantime, what TechGy is suggesting could make your process a bit easier. Take a look here: http://forum.screenconnect.com/yaf_postst5035_Extension--Guest-Full-Installer-Builder-in-Action-Panel.aspx (this one has more settings available like password protect)

If you don't like the installer in the action panel you can make it available in the "Extras" menu - https://help.screenconnect.com/Extension:Guest_Basic_Installer_Builder (there is also a full guest basic installer builder version on the Extensions page)

The suggestion from TechGy and Kirsten, wouldn't we use. Both are Extensions and not a part of the ScreenConnect Core functionality. When uppgradring ScreenConnect portal, we have experience that some extensions fails.

We would like this feature to be provide by ScreenConnect Core functionality

Any chance for implementing this?

Hi David,

We have an early design of what this could possibly look like.  If you are interested in reviewing this design and giving  feedback, please contact me at haseeb.khan@connectwise.com.

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