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Scale out on larger network

riro 8 years ago updated by Joakim Tomren 3 years ago 4

Would like to have one single web interface but with multiple servers managing the traffic between host & guest.

We have a world wide network and today a single instance of ScreenConnect in Europe. With this setup the China and US-guys do not want to use SC to help their clients in US or China since all traffic is routed via Europe.

So instead we would like to have one web interface where all clients can be found and then multiple servers routing the traffic.

Why one web?
A workstation should be able to "roam" from Europe to US and still be found in the same interface, and with 24x7 support that follows the sun our support-guys should only have to look in one web to find the client.

We have the same issues and it would be brilliant if we were able to run multiple servers managing the traffic between host & guest from one single web interface.

We have this issue, two years later. This seriously hampers our ability to assist our users outside the region the Relay server is in.

Same for me, I have moved the instance to Asia (Japan). But still have issues connecting from China. Is there a 'proxy' server/agent we can run on-prem to connect back to the main instance? 

If connectwise wants large companies as customers this is a required feature.