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Terminal Servers: Prompt user for consent for some (not all) users

Daniel von Verschuer 8 years ago updated by Shahin 2 years ago 4

The Prompt user for consent feature can only be set for all sessions on a Terminal Server. We'd like to remote into the Console session without user consent and enable the prompt for user sessions by default. Also, it should be possible to disable the prompt for a specified user. This should also be configurable within LabTech.

this could be on any machine. if the boss or accountant is logged in, they generally don't want us hopping on without warning.

Enable a CONSENT if not Console session or a Consent when switching session from VIEW drop-down option.

Yes, we've had customers logged in as domain admins and we don't want someone to switch into their account while they're also logged on the server. 


I hope to see an update on this feature, We have terminal servers where we want to connect to Console session without any issues and as well want the users to get prompted for our connection to their session. Currently if we setup consent I think i will block the Console