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Tabbed interface like RDM

Ross Jaburg 8 years ago updated by iFIDS 11 months ago 15 2 duplicates

You really need to enable a tabbed interface management control console like Remote Desktop Management (RDM). It is a real pain to manage multiple external windows at once. Alternatively, I guess a connectwise-written extension that would allow the embedded sessions would work. The current extension supposedly allows RDM to handle SC sessions, but only as external, which I can already do without RDM.

We use RDM for RDP sessions and being able to have a dozen connections accessible by changing tabs is INVALUABLE.

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In my experience, there are different size on the clients so the view in the window are different. My opinion would this feature not be set as default, just as an option

I agree it would be nice to be built in. There is a program call WindowTabs that achieves this though.

My understanding is that Window Tabs only works with desktop applications. Since ScreenConnect does not have a desktop app interface and uses a browser, I don't see how you could use it.

It also looks like development was stopped. No updates in a couple of years and the most recent OS they mention is Windows 8.


Windows Tabs actually does handle the ScreenConnect EXE which is a desktop application and puts the connected systems in Tabs. Our Helpdesk Analysts use the process for this. We found this program after we left from PC Anywhere which did autogroup the connections. The free version allows 3 tabs.

It is kinda possible to do this for support sessions, but in the CWC page.

Under "Support", create a new Session Group and call it "My Sessions".

Edit this group (click on the ellipsis) and set the Session Filter to 


Save this and you will see any concurrent sessions you may have open.

What you could do here is then open "My Sessions" and in Chrome, use More Tools to "Add to desktop" (with 'Open as a Window' ticked).

Then open the icon from the desktop, and size the way you want it.

"Always On Top" (https://www.labnol.org/software/tutorials/keep-window-always-on-top/5213/) can then be used to keep it on top of all other Windows, if you so wish.

Once set up, it isn't as clumsy as it sounds.

That's way to clumsy compared to set up as you would have to set that up on every PC you log in to and install Chrome.  GoToAssist. See below as GoToAssist has multiple ACTIVE screens at the top that actually show you the activity on the screen; albeit very small.  It's very helpful when running long processes or remote upgrades on PC's.  You can see all activity on all your active screens at the same time.

Considering for Future Release

Would love to see this. Used Teamviewer before Control, and while I find Control better in almost every way, the ability to have a tabbed window for your remote sessions was incredibly useful when you have numerous connections opened simultaneously.

I agree with Kyle. Currently in transition from Teamviewer to Connectwise. When will this issue get addressed?

To give you a honest response based off of other requests. 2 years from now it will change back to under review and then 2 years from them it will change to roadmapped

But in all honesty, I wouldn't get my hopes up until it's made it's way to roadmapped. They've been considering this feature for over 2 years now. 

Any updates for this feature? Would like to see it - the only missing feature

Please bring it RDM expat here and have connectwise with CAM we were hoping to manage all our services and handle privelleged access management. but feels very difficult to move away from RDP

We're another migrant from Teamviewer. This tabbed feature would help us move and stay with CW. As it is, we need to open multiple windows and keep them from taking over the screen :(

Tabs would be perfect.

CW please give some indication of progress on this feature request!