Within one company, some workstations require "click-to-consent", others don't.

John Kelsey 8 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 2

Our techs often need unattended remote access to a customer's server. That same customer may prefer that we use "click-to-consent" for remote access to their workstations. Currently, "click-to-consent" can only be forced on a per-tech basis.

Hi John, Thanks for your request. Do your techs have credentials to log into the workstations? If so, will the AutoConsentIfUserProcessNotRunning coupled with removing the HostWithoutConsent option work for you? This will prompt machines for consent unless the machine is at the login screen. At the login screen, it will allow techs to provide credentials to log into the machine.

Here's a KB that discusses the app.config features: http://help.screenconnect.com/List_of_app.config_settings

Please let me know, if this fits your needs.