More v6 UI suggestions

MrEastwood 8 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 5
  1. There's 2 icons at the bottom left menu, Admin and Administrator. When I click on Admin, the title is Administration in the secondary menu. I'm assuming Administrator is my user name. Quite confusing overall. How about using "Settings" in place of Admin/Administration?
  2. The bottom-most menu item brings up a pop-up menu instead of the menu items appearing in the 2nd pane like all the other secondary menu UI elements. Would prefer to see it the same as the rest of the UI for consistency.
  3. The bottom left icon is a capital A in a blue circle, it really doesn't match with the rest of the graphic icons. Perhaps change it to something more appropriate, what I'm not sure. A book (implying a help manual), or a bust of a person (implying personal menu items) or a megaphone (implying communication)...
  4. Extensions page: the menu items to Browse, Check for Updates etc are at the bottom. When I have a long list of extensions, those menu items are not visible. It would make more sense to have them always visible by moving them to the top of the Installed Extensions list.
  5. The installed extensions boxes have plenty of room for 3 lines of description, but there's only 1 line showing. I know it's niggling but why not allow the description all 3 lines to display, so we don't have to go to the extensions directory if we forget what the details of an extension is.
  6. Extensions versioning: It would be nice if you would make it a rule that if an extension is allowed in the extensions directory, that in the description it also shows what versions it is known to work with. This will prevent new SC subscribers from discovering a bunch of useful extensions that don't actually work with their version (for example, how More Pages is still listed but only works with versions 5.5 or below), and wasting a lot of their time trying to get it to work only to discover that it doesn't. This system works very well for things like the Wordpress plugin directory, for example.
  7. Collapsible secondary menu: If for instance I open the Access menu, the secondary menu takes up roughly a quarter of my screen. It would be nice if it were collapsible so that I have more room to work with the tools on the rightmost pane for computers.

Most of these are not major issues nor important bug fixes, they're really just minor little things that I've thought might polish the new UI up a bit. Thanks for listening!



Thanks for submitting your ideas and thoughts; I have shared them with our UIX team. 

From the perspective of a fellow user:

1. Yeah administrator must have been the user name that you put in when you logged in. Administration is something done by an administrator, someone adept with technology, settings is how you configure a tv remote, this should not be confusing for an administrator.

2. This could be changed how you want, but I don't find it an issue now, it certainly isn't distracting and it doesn't affect the functionality. Some of those links actually lead to items that open in the second pane as you like.

3. That icon is an A because you are logged in as Administrator and it uses the first initial of the user, for me it is an R. It is a blue circle because you have a blue theme, for me it is red. That whole icon/menu is a bit of a mess though, seems they just threw everything in there that didn't fit somewhere else.

4. Agree, top or even scrolling along with the scroll action to stay always visible.

5. Agree, also the icons for updates needed are small and unclear.

6. Agree, but I'd rather it just not show at all extensions that aren't compatible with the installed version.

7. You can already do this, click the little triangle next to secondary pane title.

Thanks for your input Ryan, as for #7, I searched everywhere but cannot find a triangle near any of my pane titles. Mind posting a screenshot of yours?


you would need to install the fluid panels extension for #7

Ah yes you are correct I'm sure, I have just recently installed that extension and hadn't really had a chance to mess with it yet. I wonder if it might be better if extensions installed in a disabled state first and you had to enable them, in that way giving you an opportunity to configure them before they are in production?


Thanks for submitting your ideas and thoughts; I have shared them with our UIX team.