Redirect Full keyboard when fullscreen or selected like logmeinrescue

Kenny K 8 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 4

We support several customers where the app relies on conrol key as input. Currently screenconnect only sends control keys with combination of another key such as copy paste.

Or maybe add an option for full keyboard commands to client within the same menu with lock keybaord and blank screen.

Hi Kenny, 

What is the application you're seeing this behavior with?

We have clients in several industries still using old AS/400 5250 Terminals.  The software using the old IBM keyboard layout the control key is enter.

When we had rescue if your mouse was on the remote session all KB strokes were sent to the client.  I believe there was a button to turn that off at the top, but we never did.

We also have a lot of remote IP KVM / IMPI and certain keystroke within SC will not push on those as well.

Thanks for the info Kenny! To get this resolved, please create a support ticket so one of our techs can schedule a remote session with you to take a closer look. You can refer back to this post if needed. 


We do send the ctrl key by itself, so this may be a bug. If you don't mind, please let me know the ticket # you receive so I can keep track of things.