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SwiftPoint IPad Bluetooth Mouse Support

Richard Pate 8 years ago updated by Chris Kasten 5 years ago 4

Our company has standardized on Apple iPad and iPhone. We use SC iOS app for user support daily. Bluetooth mouse hardware exists that is compatible with iOS, but currently, it only works within the RDP/VNC application Jump. It would be very helpful if SC could implement similar functionality.


  • SwiftPoint: swiftpoint.com/gt
  • Jump: jumpdesktop.com

It is very nice to support using mouse in ios

Seems like this is years old. Most major systems have it already 

A lot of remote tools in ios that can support swift point mouse but connectwise has still not yet supported.  It is very disappointing.

Switching from Splashtop to Control and I'm stunned that there's no Swiftpoint support. This may be a deal killer.