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Ability to condense session to single screen

RyanG 8 years ago updated by lemtargatwing 8 years ago 1

When you RDP into a desktop with multiple monitors it will move all of the applications, windows, taskbar items etc. into a single monitor. As we are now giving clients access to their office machines to work from home they are usually connecting from a laptop and have multiple screens at the office. Switching back and forth is a pain and even if you move everything to a single screen, new applications and new windows will still open on the other screens.

Please implement an option to do it the way RDP does it, currently our clients are angry that we are making them move to SC for work from home access so that we can close up the open RDP ports. Existing functionality of switching screens and mapping them are great, adding this as an additional option would be a great extension to the product.

+1, very difficult being on a multi monitor setup from one screen