Considering for Future Release

Built-in replacement for More Pages extension

MrEastwood 8 years ago updated by Jesse Brinson 7 years ago 3

I gave this a little thought, and for me it makes sense though I can't speak for others. The More Pages extension which no longer works with nor is being updated for v6, allowed us to customize the guest navigation panel across the top of the screen.

My reasoning is that my www.mydomain.com is for advertising and company information. I don't want to clutter it up with tools. My support.mydomain.com is the place I send existing customers when I need to get work done now.

I noticed that a number of existing extensions add another box onto the guest screen (for example, Guest Session Starter or Invite Host to Session). I'm not sure if by simply creating an extension, the guest screen has the ability to place them properly or automatically, but this would be something to overcome.

I'd like to see an extension that simply adds the ability to add more link boxes on the main guest page. So the properties of each added box would be custom primary and secondary text, a link destination, and open in a new tab/window. See attached photo for an example.

In my example, custom primary text = "Search", secondary = "Google", link destination = "http://google.com" and open in a new tab = true. Each one added would simply place it below the previous.

Image 23

Considering for Future Release

We could really use this feature as well for links to various print manufacturer drivers when my tech connects for it to be one click away.  

Thanks for considering. 

I've really missed this since the 5.X days.  This would be fantastic if the extension was revived or built-in directly.