Display a warning whenever an event triggers a ScreenConnect service to restart

Michael Bannerman 8 years ago updated by Irshad Mallick 10 months ago 4

I would like to request a warning dialog on save anywhere in the Admin area that would cause the server to restart its services.
We were recently working with support and a suggestion was made to change the Database Maintenance to help reduce our database size. Upon save all the Screenconnect services restarted and the database maintenance kicked off. We have now been waiting 2+ hours to regain access to our sessions.

-High Tech

This wasn't completed.

I would like to see this feature implemented for on-premise environments.  I just made a change under our security section (turned off Active Directory integration) and it caused the service to restart.  Maybe just a little prompt that says "Are you sure? Your stuff will restart if you do this."  

This wasn't completed.  ConnectWise, can you re-open this?  This functionality is missing.  For an example, check the 'Mail' settings page.