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Send email to session host

Ruud 7 years ago 0

I have multiple hosts and work mainly with support sessions. I prepare them and send them to our customers. I have finally implemented email and triggers so I get a message when a host connects or sends a message to a session without an active host.

However, I want to send it to the actual host, not only to a default address.

I tried to make it possible in automation, but it does not recognise the host owner if no host is connected.

I could have a workaround with a custom property if they can fill in an email address, but ideally I want to add an email address to each host. This leads me to 2 points:

1. Can I use if/then/else in triggers?

2. Can I use host owner (even when no host is connected to a support session) in triggers?

3. Can I add an email address to custom property and use if/then/else logic when it is empty to use default address?

4. Could you implement an email address to a host that will be emaild.

For 1 to 4, if not implemented, could you please make such a feature?