Exit Session Notification

FAB-ITRescue 8 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 3

Provide Customisable (Brandable) Splash Screen at end or exit of Remote Support session.

I keep a couple of RS Sessions published for ad-hoc use when a new customer calls. I leave these sessions in place when the session has finished (Exit Session not End) ready for the next time. I would like a splash notification to appear on the client's screen to indicate the end of the support session and to reinforce my Brand. This could have a variable display time or even require the end user to click a button to close. Further it could contain selected details or a summary of the activity log, or even contemporaneous notes from the host.

I requested this (in principal) on forum.screenconnect.com and it seemed to be reasonably well received. It was even acknowledged for consideration, but I post it here on this forum just in case it's been forgotten or you don't bother looking at the old forum anymore. . .